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We Make Calculated Decisions

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Commitment to Institutional Investors

Unlike many private wealth management firms that focus on individual investors, Highland specializes in meeting the unique needs of institutional investors. Specifically, each leading member of your proposed service team has dedicated their entire careers to serving the needs of retirement plans for over twenty years

Alignment of Interests

Our business model, professional development, and operational structure hard-wire effective, efficient, and ethical delivery of investment advisory services – free of bias or conflict. Our undivided loyalty makes it possible for us to sit on your side of the table. Since we have no products to sell or business biases common to asset managers and asset gatherers, we enjoy the freedom to help our clients be expert consumers of financial services. Our interests are 100% aligned with our clients.

Access and Expertise

Our clients work directly with the owners of Highland – not junior staff in the early development stages of their careers. These individuals have the vision, expertise, and accountability you require. We are encouraged by innovation and driven to raising the bar. Other than attrition through acquisition or plan termination, this is evidenced by Highland’s 100% client retention rate since its inception. All current and former clients are available as references.

Value and Integrity

We are a market leader in value and integrity. Our business model is pure and uncompromised. We have no hidden agendas or fees. We are compelled to be frugal with all portfolio expenses, and we go to great lengths to demonstrate that our work adds measurable value well above our fees.

Adaptability and Fit

Experience, capability, and advocacy only add value when delivered in a way that “fits” our clients’ unique needs, priorities, and preferences. We distill complexity for a living, and we take great pride in our ability to adapt our consulting approach to fit every client’s appetite for detail and decision-making style.